Pistol (Air)

Pistol shooting, or the “short and shakey”, has more “degrees of freedom” and is probably the most challenging discipline for the beginner and experienced shooter alike. Following the ban on LR pistols some years back we only use air pistols. However, prior to this ban .22LR pistol over 20yds was one of the main disciplines shot at Chapel Gate.

Our air pistol shooting takes place over 10m. We do have the facilities to shoot at 20yds but there are limited competitions and there has not been any demand for this in recent times. Perhaps you could be the catalyst for taking part in the longer distance competitions.

Air pistols can be “springers” or “PCP” (Pre-Compressed Pneumatic) design but must be .177inch calibre. The PCP style is the most popular for competition purposes. The club has both alternatives available for beginners to try. At present purchase and possession of an air pistol does not require a Firearms Certificate but this is likely to change in the not too distant future as legislation is revised.

Pistol shooting form the standing position depends very much on muscular control and technique” and can take some time to master. Those in a wheelchair have an inherent advantage in this discipline as there is less “freedom” to overcome. Poor brakes can be a disadvantage though!

Air in PCP firearms is compressed to some 200Bar (100 time more than the average car tyre) and an air cylinder similar to those used by divers is required for recharging. The club has a cylinder on the range, use of which is available too members for a small fee.

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