Recent Activities

Following the first Covid-19 Lockdown this year the club set about making the ranges covid safe, firstly at Queen’s Park then Chapel Gate. Both our ranges are now open for full use.

Under the terms of our lease at Queen’s Park we are required to keep the range in good order. To that end we have undertaken a number of repairs over recent years and this year we embarked on a rebuild of the 100 yard stop butt. This work was interrupted in March when we went into lockdown but finished off later in July when we were able to get materials to site. A brief but enthusiastically supported summer shooting programme then followed until the end of October.

This year we decided to embark on an autumn work programme to clear smaller saplings and shrubs along the side of the range. Again this was disrupted by the second lockdown but it is hoped at least some of this work can recommence perhaps in the new year. This work is now complete and we just need to maintain the present growth.

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