Lightweight Sports Rifle (Air & LR)

Lightweight sports rifle shooting has its origins in so called “carbines” which remained after pistols that fired “live” ammunition were made illegal by the government. These firearms are of a size that sits between pistols and rifles and are limited to less than 4kg in weight.

This discipline adopts a standing posture with telescopic sights the posture can be “sporter” or “precision” and is shot indoors over 20yds using single PL14/6 targets.

Sporter is very much a posture that replicates field target shooting (Air) or hunting (Air). Both air and LR ammunition can be used on the indoor range. The use of LR ammunition for hunting is limited to use on land approved for hunting and is ot something we partake in. The sporter stance depends on muscular control and is the less accurate of the two stances.

Precision on the other hand relies on bone structure to support the rifle. At the high end of the discipline support is also provided by complex leather clothing costing many hundreds of pounds.

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